evony how many troops to kill monsters Boss Spawning. Send a very small amount of troops at long distances to hit low level subs. 87. Kill 1,000,000 tier 2 troop(s) to earn 6. Training Time in Age I is BaseTime*(0. Fight. Troops are the backbone of combat. Troop Killing/Kill Event/KE: Earn points by killing enemy troops Evony: The King's Return is a free-to-play Real Time Strategy game for mobile devices developed by Top Games Inc. Train. (Roughly, you need at least twice as many cavalry. Tends to be more efficient, with a lower food bill than most large 5k defenses. Level 1 - Zombie. 995^Atk). Layering. If in a top alliance fighting high level bosses, you can clear about 5 days of time in just one. This is a common … evony the king's return world boss guide. Archers get a 45% bonus against Melee troops (Spearmen and Swordsmen) or monsters, and a 40% bonus against Flying monsters or troops (Griffins, which can be researched and produced later). If anyone has killed a b12 or b13, please share below what was used so we can improve. evony the king's return world . We work hard to create and maintain big accounts. However, the process of completing missions contains many tricks: 1. Takes few losses against mech waves and archer rainbows. it all depends on your buff. Will you be a player that always sits at 0 food with monster armies, pops a couple resource packs to send out a small attack to farm a level 8 NPC, so you can have the food to send out a big attack or queue troops, or do you want to keep your food levels above 0 for all towns at all times. Your objective is to kill them. And when you get Level 10 Cavalries you can kill all monsters with 35000 units and decent research. If a player from server 248 kills any monsters on our server, they will also gain points; Do scout the map for Ares status when they are announced To do this, you have to ghost on monsters, because ghosting on players will kill your bubble. if you use partners with the attack then less troops can also kill. Be the king of 7 kingdoms! Explore difference in Evony Now! The trap is designed to kill an even number of all infantry, so 100 warriors, 100 swordsmen, and 100 archers were sent to attack, and the wall had 100 traps, then the attackers would loose roughly 33 warriors, swordsmen, and archers. 4 score. With monsters you use mainly Archers to beat them all. 13. if it doesn't die it hits you back. The trap is a good defense if your Beacon_Tower gives you an early warning. See full list on evonyguidewiki. Best way to get rss is to never open anything ever. Ghost, and send 1 troop into a temple. •Make Troops Training Faster! (Evony: Battle On), 6. . I know that is a really juicy target – basically free points in Server War or Battlefield. At least to start with. For example, killing a tier 10 troop is worth 30 times more than a tier 1. The best way to fill up the meter on Monster Kill day is actually to hit a bunch of monsters that are NOT Boss Monsters. This tactic even works on the enemy server, because you can utilize the 5-minute safety bubble. Although this may sound unusual, solving the odd puzzle is the perfect way to kill time while you upgrade or construct new buildings. June 16, 2021. com Monster attack t11 Ground (wounds 149 + 149 ≈ 297) t11 Cavalry attack the Monster (killed) . Installs. mostly i send out about 25k troops with one hour of attk added for 10% buff for attack. Get all the best tips and tricks with our Evony guide. and this goes on till the monster is . being a bit newer than most, i am unaware of what it takes to defeat bosses. no trap). Junior Hydra is a level 1 boss in Evony TKR. Also don’t try to stress so much over trying to completely understand the movement of troops, just remember that the one or more cav in the cav/sct bomb will allow access to the defending ballas. Like troops, tier, generals exp etc. There is a 2% chance to Devour them, boosted by Red Gems and Burning Enemies. Age II introduced a small (but significant) change to BaseTime*(0. Since Level 1-4 are easy to kill with Tier 1 so no . Scoutbombs are pretty guaranteed to end in a defeat, but it's all about how many of the enemy you kill. Alliance points easy to get and you can get as many 3 day bubbles from the shop as you want (buying with gems you can buy 1 a day) You need to have 125,000 Honor first to get them from the shop which is not hard to do as long as you do your daily tasks and kill monsters and bosses. As paults are targeting archers you want to provide smaller layered troops with a bonus in attacking archers to give mech more rounds to kill the walls, and then focus on archers. An opening, you will also starve your enemies have them Tags: battlefield, BoG,. ) what no of troops to kill boss monster for monster above lvl10 and what troops like for witch, ifrit, warlord and many . Yeah I know - excessive troops! Well Evony I'd like u to tell me how one is supposed to kill 160 mil archers set in CD with an intel hero and instant AT hero and 9 spaces in FH so the delightful red can cap decent heroes forcing u to spend more troops and use weaker heroes. Range troops have lesser attack than mounted troops so they won’t be able to kill higher level monsters or take more wounded than mounted troop. Limiting stamina is not the way to go Evony it will kill a server and the game. Therefore, you cannot lose when attacking the World Boss. NOTE: 90k scouts and 10k cavs will have the same result, or any other type of cav/sct bomb of the type. The Order of Phases Keeps Changing Attack Monsters. 79999 cavaries or less) in the town or when there is strictly less than 1 trap (i. Kill enemy troops you kill in Battle of Guagamela ( BoG ) in Evony after the fourth season All-Stars. Expand your empire. If I see a K30-32 with 300m power, I’m salivating. Best bet is to stick to extremely high or high. Scouts don't get involved in battle until all defending troops get killed. Stronger bosses spawn closer to . Junior Hydra has a power of 84,900,000 and costs 20 stamina to defeat. This is the maximum amount of troops anyone can send in evony online game. You can only send out one group to monster hunt at any given time. The best monsters Siege generals in Evony TKR are Ramesses II, and Ulysses S. Pray from the specific attacks and then repeat the process once Karee, the Armadyl boss, respawns. They also kill ponies and 'phracts, but at a severly reduced rate. Good question. These monsters remain in the same location and for some reason don’t move… Go figure. I prefer to build troops in bunches of 1000 and . Use someone with a keep from level 16-20 and make sure they have a high reinforcement capacity. It all about your attack vs monster's hp. 10000 Level 6 Ranged Troops can beat monsters Level 13-17 without any wounded. The Stable help you train Cavalries. Bosses give amazing rewards to all that fight them, and you may be surprised that you can get these rewards very easily. They are quick and cheap. Combined with a general Washington or Xiang you will be able to kill every boss with low casualties. rally (Raged King, Queen Victoria, Hua Mulan), and single player attack . Tips: Due to the point structure if you can hit common monsters above level 12, it will earn you more points with same amount of stamina to hit the common monsters over the boss monsters. 79M. If the Enemy dies, create 9 Red Gems. (Updated 10th September 2013) Resources: 3m Food, 180k Lumber, 180k Iron, 180k Stone and 450k Gold for a total of 3,990,000 resources. A player with 5,000,000 pvp troops should have 100,000 each tier. Evony: The King’s Return Guide – Tips and Tricks. Evony Game Tips and Tricks: How to Collect Evony Speedups. Kill 1,000,000 tier 3 troop(s) to earn 11. Kill as many bosses as you can, in your server. Do NOT “hide” your troops in your Alliance City; Unlink your subordinate cities to minimize your damage if attacked; Do collect from as many fairies as possible; Do kill as many monsters as possible. This is 400. Note: No attack boosted used and no partner sent during the attack. Kill Ifrit = 5 points Kill Boss Monster Fafnir in the center = Not sure but it’s a lot Kill Enemy Players’ Troops = The more higher level troops you kill the more points you earn Reinforcing Buildings = 20% of the building point value (Note: The Alliance does not earn any points from this. They set the range of a battle to 5k yards and will slowly kill off foot troops for each round they're alive. I very interested in the Boss fights. Level 5 Monster – Not Tested Yet. Construction time is affected by Construction Research and your Hero's Politics Skill, using the . I’ll be honest chances of a non coiner making it to keep 32 is almost impossible. if buffs are low you will need more troops. The objective is not to kill the Boss Monster but to deal as much damage as possible to get on the top 100 ranking or to simply get gems and gold. However, ranged and ground troops can also be useful in monster hunting, as long as you have a large number of troops available. Ranged, Ground, and Siege are basically for PvP (player vs player). with high buff you can kill a 80M boss with 25M equivalent troops attack. 7. Killing the enemies troops whether on your server or their server gives points like Kill Event. you hit it first. Across each kingdom, there are randomized tiles with monsters upon them. Because if any other player who is closer than you attacks the same monster, your troops will be leaving the city for nothing. Because of their relatively low HP, defense and needing gems to heal, most players don't use siege for any kind of boss rallies. If a player from server 248 kills any monsters on our server, they will also gain points; Do scout the map for Ares status when they are announced Evony The Kings Return Attack Guide. In the second example, the intention is to kill your opponent cavalries. Attacking Cities. Monster Kill. Join there rallies to kill monster it would take a non coiner years to kill. i need someone to explain to me why i am able to kill a golem 2 and have zero wounded, with no additional buffs for march, attack, defense, or hp, approximately 750k t12 troops, however, when i attempt to kill a golem 3, which shows as “medium” with a full march of 1. 9^MS)*(0. the troops i use are basically any lvl 1 - 3 that all 4 barracks can produce. 7 score. Send a very small amount of troops to kill tiny monsters, redcaps, etc. Traps are a type of Fortified unit used to kill attacking troops. Same idea vs Crafty Ranger. Section 2 (Troops and Defences) Troops and defences are the most important part of the game and each kind of troops has a different use. Quit spending so many many troops and try to push for K33 instead. The game is a real-time strategy massively multiplayer online game where other players will either be your ally or your enemy. Of course , if your enemy has lots of scouts then he may send waves of 100,000 scouts repeatedly and will be able to scout your city successfully, but most players do not . Pay attention to this time and do not attack monsters that are more than 1 minute away. A page to list monster and bosses and the rewards and other information. Secondary power is subject to change very often as it can be affected when attacking players or monsters. Alliance Advantage: If you rally troops as an alliance, you only need to send one to 10 archers unless otherwise requested by rally leader and a general you want to get experience (you can send one low level siege with no general and not have a march back but then no exp for a general) to reap the rewards of the boss. Level 4 Monster – Required Apx. Like with t13 I can kill hard Viking up to level 36 and t14 I can kill up to 40 with 0 wounded only range troops. Information on attacking monsters to complete the phase. But with sufficient higher level range troop you can actually kill a bigger monster too. During the first 3 days of the initial 7 day beginners protection aim to build all buildings to level 5 and on day 4 start building troops. ~2700 Tier 1 Troop to kill. Kill 1,000,000 tier 11 troop(s) to earn 84. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. So unlike older versions of Evony of march vs march, it's everything the . In monster hunting, it is fundamental to use only cavalry. We now know how to kill our monster. lvl1 is still giving me issues. Training time is affected by Military Science Research and Hero's Attack Skill. In this Evony The King's Return game tips and tricks guide, I want to share a few hints for Evony game players to collect speedups efficiently as many as possible in the shortest time period. 3. warriors conscripts onagers hussars for example and similar. Join now with your friends in the greatest RTS game of all time now on mobile devices, Evony: The King's Return! Build your cities, train your troops, expand your empire and conquer the City of Thrones to become the King! Will you be a player that always sits at 0 food with monster armies, pops a couple resource packs to send out a small attack to farm a level 8 NPC, so you can have the food to send out a big attack or queue troops, or do you want to keep your food levels above 0 for all towns at all times. / Change ), you will have to waste time walking mines are a good idea to down. Train your troops. Fill them all the way up with t10 troops (or as higher tier as you can) and wait! There are two ways to obtain scores, other than buildings, kill enemies troops, or kill bosses on the battlefield. The trap is designed to kill an even number of all infantry, so 100 warriors, 100 swordsmen, and 100 archers were sent to attack, and the wall had 100 traps, then the attackers would loose roughly 33 warriors, swordsmen, and archers. Killing monsters and bosses on the enemy server gives you points as well based off their level. A player with over 4,000,000 pvp troops (highest tier) should hold at least 30,000 troops of each type in each level. 2 : 4 . 2 score. Evony Kings ReturnHow many Troops Need To Kill Boss MonstersNormal BossLv5 Werewolf 1. Rams have extremely High Life, 5000, which allows them to protect the Ballistas and Catapults when Layers start dying off. Remember: pikes kill cavalry, swords kill archers, warriors protect archers and should always be built 4 or 5 to 1 ratio (for example: 100k archers should have 500k warriors in your troop city) Always have a troop/warcity with the other cities as farm cities. To determine how many troops are wounded, then, you take 2,040,000 and divide it by the Troop HP value of 5,100. The most notable benefit to fighting bosses are the free speed upgrades. r/Evony_TKR. Each troop has a power value assigned to it depending on the tier of troop, higher the tier, higher the power. For any kind of bosses its hard to define the minimum requirement. Note that these change order randomly. Therefore, I lost 400 troops. The events are Attack Monsters, Gather RSS, Build, Create Soldiers , Kill Event. The 3rd example is a guard for cavalry smack. 49 CAD, GPA. Evony: The King's Return Guide Wiki All . However, siege is absolute worst type for hunting bosses or monsters. Killing Level 5 and Level 6 Monster Using Tier 2 (T2) Troops. After gaining enough experience with PvE (monster) battles, you can start attacking other cities. Can kill millions of troops with minimal loss if you know how to do it when online. Cleaner waves are usually sent in w/ intention to destroy as many of these as possible. This is a hard question to answer as Evony won't release any information around. Here is the complete list of scores earned, per troop and per 1 million troops killed. Taking advantage of the multiplayer system allows players to build a strong alliance that’ll help you in your quest to expand your kingdom. They are recruited in the Barracks from a city's idle population. Typically you are suppose to have each type of wall fortification on your wall. Collapse. It would be great to know how to beat the following monsters below and any of the ones I've missed. It doesn’t matter who their wall general is. Untill you are going to upgrade buildings or make troops, traps. After you kill the Armadyl boss, have your team split up and kill the remaining 3 monsters, which consist of one mager, one ranger and one meleer. Molten Feast (24 Red/Yellow/Brown) Deal [Magic + 7] damage to an Enemy. Since scoutbombs are pretty specific to 100k scouts there's not much you can do to increase your success or damage; it really is all about numbers and attrition, although read the above guide buy arlisan1999 for the deeper details. After defending troops get killed scouts attack city ATs. Similar to boss monsters, the more and higher level enemy troops you kill in Battle of Guagamela, the more points you earn. Hotdog! The Phase Event is a five part event that appears to currently occur every two weeks. I've learnt that using Cleopatra during rallies and hunts gives you more drop items. 500 layers (people often send 666 as death wave) 20k archers, 30k ballista, 10k ram, and 70k paults. #6920. Layers of Archers, Infantry, and Cavalry in front of the slower ranged Mech Units Hold off enemy troops from getting to your Mech too Fast. So, 13,883,111 - 11,843,111 = 2,040,000 of Total HP Lost. Evony Beginners Guide. For the speedy completion of missions to kill monsters, you need to go through locations on the map that contains the maximum number (13-15) and requires 3 units of energy to pass. 3Mt8 Cavalry 30,000 = Wounded 180Read More Visithttps://evonyguidewiki. Enemy troops give the following scores: Kill 1,000,000 tier 1 troop(s) to earn 2. . Additional Information. Stronger bosses spawn closer to the center of the map. Please note that Level 5 NPCs are much more sensitive to your Archery to Horseback Riding ratio. 1m t12 troops, 20% attack, defense, and hp buff, i am defeated. The only way to obtain score, other than buildings, is to kill enemy troops. 9986^Atk) If a city's Idle Population is below 0, no troops can be recruited If a . Evony: The King’s Return is a civilization empire creator in which you command troops, build up an army, create a civilization, and become the king of your empire. Troop Killing/Kill Event/KE: Earn points by killing enemy troops Alliance points easy to get and you can get as many 3 day bubbles from the shop as you want (buying with gems you can buy 1 a day) You need to have 125,000 Honor first to get them from the shop which is not hard to do as long as you do your daily tasks and kill monsters and bosses. When people don’t have stamina they send troops to relics or the largest farm they can find and put there phone down Then they come back the next day. Abati~ Life: [One Use] Attack: [Autokills units] Range: 5000 Spaces on Wall: 2 . Click here to read more. Post date. Change ). any suggestions on techs needed ( research ) and troops. Generals may be employed to strengthen the city’s defenses, as well as serve as Mayors of Subordinate Cities. In the smartphone game Evony: The King’s Return, generals serve as the Monarch’s commanders. There are many variations on this thought, some are better than others. This is the single most important thing you can do. Monster Killing: Earn points by killing monsters. This is a kill report, on the chart below Monarch EXP - M EXP, General EXP - G EXP, Prestige - PG, Alliance points - AP, Alliance Honor - AH This is an example as you do not get all the rewards listed but you get the Boss monster chest and possible other things listed under possible rewards, sometime you get all and sometimes you get doubles. Archery 8 - UNRELIABLE (depending on enemy hero) Level Food Wood Stone Iron Time Pre-reqs 1: 0: 0: 0: 0: 0s: Start off with it 2: 3,450: 3,400: 0: 0: 5m 00s: Nothing 3: 4,510: 4,510: 0: 0: 15m 00s: Walls Lvl. As a difficult boss, Junior Hydra is run more often on mature servers for materials, scrolls and speed ups. Like all Evony defenses it is only effective in huge numbers. 49 CAD, GPA . Use your heroes to take the monsters out. If you’re smaller than that, don’t even dream of it. Preferred Wall Defense (well for me) 16100 Ats 2k traps 2k . Golem 3. Defense types 5k Defense This is the most used type of defense in evony. Build. 11-06-2017, 12:55 AM #3. If you decide to unghost a rally and attack… On our own server, you have the option to bubble while your troops are marching back home, before they arrive. Size. It is considered one of the hard event bosses. They’ve been enlisted by the Tavern. Positive & Negative Reviews: Evony: The King's Return - 10 Similar Apps, 6 Review Highlights & 513,362 Reviews. The enemy can only know how many troops you have in the city by scouting. Damage to your own troops is typically minimal. e. 1371-9678-8227-99439, 12/5/16, Credit Card •Kill More Monsters! (Evony: Battle On), 6. Mounted troops at Tier 10 is awesome at killing boss monsters. Current Version. Evony is a real-time strategy MMO mixed with a simplistic one-touch puzzler. All Monsters, once you click them and select attack have a rating, extremely high, high, med and so on. 10000 Level 5 Ranged Troops can beat Monster level 1-12 without any wounded. What’s better than preventing your enemy from gaining some easy points? Set up a trap. on The Ultimate Evony Battle Guide: Part 2 – Tactics. Thus, 8 passes are enough to get a chest. When people are not involved in the game they will grow tired of it and end up playing something else. Hero will gain 218,212 experience. You can start building this building when you get Keep level 6. Be the King of 7 kingdoms! All in Evony: The king's Return, the hot real-time strategy MMO of 2021! THE EXCEPTIONALLY RICH AND AMAZING SET OF FEATURES: Choose from 7 civilizations to customize your game’s architectural style: American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean, Arabia and Japanese! They set the range of a battle to 5k yards and will slowly kill off foot troops for each round they're alive. But the down side to traps are that they are not very effective. Only the player who is reinforcing earns points. How to kill Monsters. Grant. Level 2 - Red Cap. In regards to the varying Tiers of Troops/Traps, the Attack, Defense, and HP all. During Events you can get extra Items like gift . The bot recalls troops when the scouting fails or when there are *strictly* less than 80k calvaries (i. As you get higher quantity and quality troops you can try higher monsters. Mythic Broken Spire Assassin Elemental-Beast. Now, if you have more than 125,000 scouts in your city then all the enemy scouts will be killed. Swordsmen, a specialist troop, get a 100% bonus against humans, so it is wise to use them only against other players’ troops. Ghost and start randomly scouting people. Every player should have 10,000 each type of troop for every tier of troops (or level). Defending yourself or other players also change your secondary power. [4x] ( Fireproof, Stoneskin, Volcanic Meteor) MAX ⚔️19 ️19 🛡️28 🔮7. This Evony guide will teach you everything you need to know to master this. Lol it’s impossible unless you pay at least a little. The higher the tier troop killed the more points awarded. Your clan should be able to stay anywhere from 6-25 kills, depending on your team’s strength, and . 1 score. Kon. Pretend like you are overstaying a 5 minute bubble, but ghost just before it falls. Troop power, this is the total power of all your troops. 10,000+. The Boss Monster changes every week and players send their troops to attack. They march armies, collect resources, fight monsters and bosses, and participate in PvP combat. Updated. I think Kill Rate has something to do with this as well. evony how many troops to kill monsters